Monday, September 7, 2009

An Open Letter on Obama's Speech

September 7th 2009

Dr. Barbara Holley
Ashburn Elementary School
Ashburn, Virginia 20147

Dear Dr. Holley,

I am publicly requesting that my kids not be exposed to any propaganda efforts by the current illegitimate central bankster puppet President Barack Hussein Obama. I understand through news reports that President Obama is scheduled to address children in the government school system via telescreen in a creepy, 1984-meets-Stalin/Kim Jong-Il televised address tomorrow. It is even creepier that Obama (and his speechwriters) have been caught using the techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in his speeches(Detailed Analysis, Video Overview). To make maters worse the Obama administration, like other fascist regimes before them, have been targeting the youth with initially voluntary programs like City Year while publicly announcing their intentions to make these programs mandatory under the guise of "Universal Civil Defense Training". This week alone the Department of Homeland Security announced a program to co-opt the nation's 3.4 million Girl Scouts. Troubling to say the least.

Obama's Red and Black Jacketed YouthCorp - The "City Year Program" with video and audio quotes from Obama and his Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emmanuel discussing their vision for a "Civilian National Security Force" and mandatory government service.

I would hope that even a basis knowledge of the strategy and tactics of totalitarian, fascist governments would lead an educated, objective school administrator to rebuke such an obvious attempt to indoctrinate impressionable children. However, the Obama bumper sticker on your car, the fact that you held a mock election without including third-party candidates, and school assignments such as the one I photographed in the hall below, forces me to memorialize this request that my children not be subjected in writing.

Worshipful biographies of Madison Avenue-created puppet Barack Obama are featured/promoted in the Ashburn Elementary School Library

I am making this letter public to provide links and videos to explain the processes being used in the schools and MainStreamMedia to other parents, teachers, and administrators who may not be as familiar with the stratigies and tactics of fascist/totalitarian governments or the public statements of the Obama administration with respect to targeting the youth for mandatory public service and "Civilian National Security Forces".

An actual classroom exercise from Ashburn Elementary School where Wall Street-Funded Madison Avenue-created Central Bankster controlled Obama is juxtaposed with Martin Luther King and students are assigned to give their dreams to Obama. No indoctrination into the Obama cult of personality here...

Finally, I would encourage you to re-examine your support for President Obama, look into who paid for his education as Columbia, Harvard, etc. who recruited and groomed him in politics (former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski), who gave him his first job (CIA front company Business International Corporation), Question the coincidence that current US Treasury Secretary and former Federal Reserve Bank President Tim Geithner's father employed Obama's mother at the Ford Foundation and how a completely undistinguished, unknown one-term state senator from Illinois was given the national stage at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and then became President of the United States four years later in a Wall Street-financed, Madison Avenue-crafted, MainStreamMedia-driven campaign. President are selected, not elected and I will be happy to meet with you at your convenience to provide additional details.


Additional Evidence of Fascist Indoctrination of the Youth:

1. Army and Police Indoctrinating the Boy Scouts at Jamborees

2. New York Times article on a different Dept of Homeland Security Program to militarize the Boy Scouts
3. Department of Homeland Security Indoctrinating the Girl Scouts
4. Marine Corp and military begin taking over high schools and turning curriculum to all-military studies.
5. Army "Experience Centers" visit kids at Government Schools to indoctrinate them into military
6. Government Schools supply the military with students names, addresses, phone numbers, gender, and social security numbers.
7. Government schools allow military recruiters in their schools and cafeterias.
8. Topic Covered in MUST WATCH Documentary: Fall of the Republic!

Students in a New Jersey Government School are taught to sing worshipful songs to Barack Hussein Obama by their Government teachers.

Obama’s Plan to Indoctrinate Students Hits Speed Bump

Kurt Nimmo
September 6, 2009
Democrats and followers of the Obama cult of personality are annoyed at “rightwing” parents who do not take kindly to government indoctrination of their children via telescreen.
featured stories   Obamas Plan to Indoctrinate Students Hits Speed Bump
stalin youth featured stories   Obamas Plan to Indoctrinate Students Hits Speed Bump

A previous cult of personality.

It’s just an education pep rally, they insist, and the Republicans and other domestic terrorists — as Obama’s komissariat now call the opposition — are attempting to politicize the event and use it to attack the president.
Domestic terrorists with children all around the country are outraged by the stunt and many of them plan to keep their kids out of school on Tuesday.
“White House officials said they were surprised and frustrated by the reaction to a speech they said amounts to an educational pep talk. [White House spokesman Tommy Vietor] said the speech will be released Monday to give parents time to review it and decide for themselves. ‘There’s a tradition in Washington of attack first, ask questions later,’ he said. ‘There is a “ready, fire, aim” approach to political attacks. It’s unfortunate that politics has been brought into this,’” CBS News reported on Friday.
In fact, the White House has already modify the propaganda it plans to deliver to a captive audience of highly impressionable children — captive in sense most public schools are locked down prisons, many with metal detectors and armed guards.
The Department of Government Education sent to the memory hole preparatory materials posted on its website last week in response to widespread outrage. In the original version, children were encouraged to worship at the altar of the Obama cult of personality. Note the highlighted area in the screen capture below:
featured stories   Obamas Plan to Indoctrinate Students Hits Speed Bump
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