Friday, March 13, 2009

The Obama Deception - Must See Documentary Exposing the False Left-Right Paradigm

The Obama Deception - A Documentary Film by Alex Jones

Alex Jones, the Director of The Obama Deception, reaches out to Obama Supporters

To understand how the ruling elite have been able to manipulate the policies and programs of the education system you first need to understand how the ruling elite manipulate the political system.

Once you understand how the ruling elite set up and control the fake Left-Right political paradigm then you understand how they are able to maintain their agents and allies in the educational bureaucracy year after year.

The Obama Deception is radio talk show host and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones' latest expose on how the world really works. Alex pulls the curtain back and lets you see up close and personal how the elite created, educated, groomed, and marketed Barry Soetoro to the world as Barack Hussein Obama.

The film exposes:
* The Wall Street funding of Obama and its representation/quid pro quo in his Administration
* Obama's connections to The Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations, and the Trilateral Commission - (Chart Showing Bilderberg, CFR, and Trilateral domination of multiple administrations.)
* Obama's bold face lies on everything from when he is going to pull the troops out of Iraq to expanding the war in Afghanistan
* Promising the American people there would be no lobbyists in his administration and then hiring some of the world's slimiest corporate lobbyists from Monsanto and Raytheon.

As you watch the documentary Take Notes! This isn't the usual coach potato time waster... this is important!


After watching the documentary please research the film's claims for yourself. Feel free to use the comment section below to discuss/debate/refute or support any points you feel strongly about. Let the debate begin!!

What Do We Do Now?

1. Admit we were conned. Warning! Cognitive Dissonance Ahead!!!
2. Turn off the bought and paid for MainStreamMedia and their cave puppetry
3. Get Smart! Take time we were wasting with the MainStreamMedia and devote it to researching what has been going on while we were distracted.
4. Take action! Be the change you want to see! Yes.. YOU!

Get SMART Fast!
Turn off the MainStreamMedia! Turn off their TeeVee programs, take out their bookmarks, delete their RSS, stop listening to their podcasts, stop seeing their movies, don't shop in their book stores, cancel cable TeeVee (but not the self-directed high speed internet :-), cancel their magazines and newspapers, etc.
Find what I call "The Authentic Voices" on the Internet who are exposing the truth.
Here are some starting points:

Alternative News - Alex Jones' News Site
http://www.PrisonPlanet.TV - For those that like their news with moving pictures - The Alex Jones Radio Show & Podcast - My favorite news aggregator - The best of the MainStreamMedia, alternative media, and foreign press.

Get Organized
& Wake Up Others!
Pick an issue and Get Active: Exposing the Elite, Citizen Journalism, Abolishing the Federal Reserve, Organizing Politically, Defending the 2nd Amendment, Exposing the Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Government Education, Support the Growing State's Rights Movement, An Independent Radio Station in Northern Virginia, 9-11 Truth, Supporting our Troops, or Donating Bicycles. Pick a cause... any cause... Just please turn off the teevee and Get Active!

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