Sunday, March 21, 2010

How MainStreamMedia Mind Control Works

The first video is a good overview on how the rulers use their control of the MainStreamMedia to program reality into those who get the majority of their information from television and glossy magazines. If the television is the focus of your “mind’s eye” then if you want to control the masses then you simply buy control of the MSM with the little paper tickets you print on a printing press or create on a computer that you have bribed/lobbied Congress to force the slaves to accept as money. If you are raping the population for Trillions then what is a couple of hundred billion a year to program the slave’s reality: A Cost of Doing Business.

What is not addressed in this video is the other legs of the stool:

1. Fluoride in the Water Supply – Fluoride promotes docility… It is one of the chemicals in PROZAC (FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin Nerve Gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl FLUORIDE) Combined with the flicker-rate / alpha wave in older sets combines to mesmerize and glue people to the set. It also creates a passivity where even when intelligent people explain this process in detail to someone born into this control system, and even if the victim can glimpse the truth, they are too docile to take action to research more and/or even try to get off the fluoride for a while to see what might happen.

2. Government Schools – Develops in children an obedience to government/authority, and creates a “hive mind” where everyone knows the same thing: I.E. that Fluoride is some sort of liquid vitamin that is added to the water supply because the government loves you and wants to keep all the little children in the world cavity-free.

3. Cognitive Dissonance – A psychological phenomenon where the brain refuses to accept new information that contradicts information previously learned (I.E. Programmed in via Tell-a-vision, MSM, and Government Schools) ESPECIALLY if the new information causes pain. I.E. I have been conned and I have been injecting my kids with mercury, aluminum hydroxide, and aluminum phosphate OR I have been letting my kids drink water laced with a chemical that has been shown to reduce IQ in 23 different peer reviewed studies from around the world . Rather than accept reality the brain will simply dismiss the new information is uncredible no matter how authoritative the source: I.E. The Chief Toxicologist of the FDA’s water quality program, the head of the EPA’s union testifying before Congress that ~90% of the scientists and toxicologists are against water fluoridation, 2700+ health professionals, Scientific American, 14 Nobel Laureates in science and medicine, etc. etc. etc. It is so much easier to ignore reality and go back to the warm inviting glow of the flat screen mental prison…

After all... If it was really happening then someone would have blown the whistle, someone would have told me about it, and it would be on tell-a-vision...

Don't be the last person on your block

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How the Central Banksters Control The MainStreamMedia and how the CIA/CFR/Bilderberg Control the Content.
The MainStreamMedia is CONSTANTLY Caught Lying and Propagandizing - Steve Jacobson's Website

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