Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Fall of the Republic - Alex Jones documentary on the shadow government and engineered economic collapse

The Fall of the Republic - Alex Jones documentary on the shadow government and the engineered economic collapse

Most Americans live blissfully unaware of the complete crisis that they are in because the central bankster-owned and controlled MainStreamMedia refuses to give them the facts. They live their lives relying on the tell-a-vision and the glossy magazines to give them their reality and because all they receive at every turn is propaganda they have no frame of reference for discerning what is really going on in the world.

Their position in life is the same as the prisoners in Plato's Cave. They spend their life looking at the shadow play that their slave masters project on their flat-screen mental prisons never understanding how their very thoughts and reality are being manipulated.

For those who are interested in learning what the MainStreamMedia isn't telling them then I recommend the films of Austin-based radio talk show host and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones. His last documentary, The Obama Deception, which we featured here on The Ashburn Elementary School Reporter, has been the #1 documentary in the world with over 20,000,000+ views on the Internet alone with hundreds of thousands of copies distributed in truth actions around the country. I personally have distributed copies to the Ashburn Elementary PTO and everyone who attended the 2nd Loudoun County Flu Meeting.

Fall of the Republic takes over where The Obama Deception leaves off getting into the details of how the Central Banksters and their government puppets are engineering a complete collapse of the US Dollar as the information revolution (like this blog and the embedded documentary here demonstrate) is finally cutting through the Central Banksters' MainStreamMedia propaganda matrix and exposing their crimes.

Finally, here is an overview from the DVD extras of a group called Oath Keepers that was filmed at the Oath Keepers' muster on Lexington Green on April 19th, 2009. You can see this author standing in the front row as he takes the oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic by retired Navy SEAL Captain Larry Bailey. Whether you are wide awake to the realities of the world or just waking up and turning off the tell-a-vision for the first time, please get these documentaries to your friends who are active duty or veteran military, peace officers, or fire fighters. Time is short...

Oath Keepers - DVD Extra from Fall of the Republic