Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama's Education Appointee Openly Advocates Homosexual Agenda for Government Schools

by Kim Trobee, via CitizenLink

'Parents should be most concerned about the harmful and radical policies he could enact today that would negatively impact public schoolchildren.'

Yet another controversial presidential appointee is in the national spotlight. Safe Schools czar Kevin Jennings has been accused of inappropriate statements and actions, including the failure to report evidence of sexual activity between a teenager and an adult.

Candi Cushman, education analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said you don't have to look back 20 years to be concerned about Jennings.

"Parents should be most concerned about the harmful and radical policies he could enact today that would negatively impact public schoolchildren," she said.

The best evidence is Jennings' 13-year track record as leader of the largest homosexual advocacy group in the nation, devoted entirely to promoting homosexuality to kids: GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Under the quise of "safe schools," GLSEN promotes classroom activities that not only give biased portrayals of Christian and socially conservative viewpoints, but also turn students into lobbyists for its extreme left causes.

For example, GLSEN has suggested that students ask for a "queer-friendly prom" and to "launch a campaign to create a gender-neutral, all-genders or multi-gendered bathroom at their school."

Jennings has stated that he used the term "safety" as a "calling card" to open the door.

"This is all very frightening to parents and students of faith who expect government-funded schools to be neutral and respectful toward all viewpoints, including theirs," said Cushman, "but now we have someone in charge of the 'safe schools' office with a proven track record of twisting 'safety' into political activism."

Ask President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan to replace Kevin Jennings as Safe Schools Czar.

Find out more about the gay agenda in public schools.

Editor's Note: Another one of the quality administrators running the government education system and another example of the hidden curriculum of government schools. The appointment says a lot about Barack Obama as well. Being homosexual doesn't make you a bad person but pushing a Gay and Lesbian political agenda in the government schools and graphically depicting homosexual sex practices (I.E. "Fisting") to children does.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hey Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone!`

Chapter 4 - Mind Control - World Control - The Encyclopedia of Mind Control
By Jim Keith

One of the major world arenas in which Hegelian philosophy and the materialistic anti-psychology of Wundt has been applied is that of education.
In 1819 in Prussia the first compulsory schooling for children was instituted. According to educator John Taylor Gatto, society in Prussia was divided "into children who will become policy makers; children who will become assistants to policy makers (the engineers, architects, lawyers, and doctors); and the children who will be the vast, massed, used.

"Prussia sets up a three-tier school system, in which one half of one percent of the population is taught to think. They go to school called academie. Five and a half percent of the population go to Realschulen, where they partially learn to think, but not completely, because Prussia believed their defeat at the hands of Napoleon was caused by people thinking for themselves at times of stress on the battlefield. They were going to see to it that scientifically this couldn't happen. The lowest 94%, (that's some pyramid, right?) went to volkschulen, where they were to learn harmony, obedience, freedom from stressful thinking, how to follow orders. They worked out a system that would in fact guarantee such results. In the volkschulen, it was to divide whole ideas (which really simultaneously participate in math, science, social thinking, language and art) into subjects which hardly had existed before, to divide the subjects further into units; to divide the time into small enough units of time. With enough variations in the course of a day, no one would know what was going on." [1]

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