Friday, February 11, 2011

Books Donated to the Ashburn Elementry School Library & The Hand that Rocked Your Intellectual Cradle

I have donated the following titles to the Ashburn Elementary School Library: Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, and Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Taylor Gatto.

I have done so because these books represent some of the most scholarly and well referenced works available documenting the hidden curriculum of government education:

  • The deliberate dumbing down of the masses so they can't understand how they are getting raped by the organized crime families that are stealing trillions though central banking/seinorage, military-industrial complex fraud, no-win wars in inhospitable places, etc
  • Destruction of independent thought and critical thinking (Ibid)
  • The instillation of essentially blind obedience to governmental authority
  • The ultimate creation of compliant tax payers and, when needed, military conscripts.
  • Social engineering a "Hive Mind" mentality on issues important to the ruling elite
- Most evident in the government schools focus on "Green" and "environmentalism" to prepare the population to accept: carbon taxes, compact cities, and ultimately one-child policies/eugenics.

Most teachers, administrators and school psychologists that I have spoken with about this issue don't have a clue that the system they work in has been set up to accomplish these nefarious goals. They are compartmentalized, naive about the "big picture", and many willfully ignorant. I have a good friend who is a psychologist in the Loudoun County School "System" whose kids I care about deeply. I tried to loan her the books above before I donated them to Ashburn Elementary so she could better understand the system she was subjecting her own kids to. Not only did she refuse to even examine the evidence but she threatened to burn the books!

Most teachers and administrators, like my friend the school psychologist, believe because they are in the system... that they understand the system. After all... If there was a hidden curriculum to dumb down the kids then surely they would know about it! Right?

So teachers, administrators, and psychologists will unquestioning go along with "Red, Yellow, Green", public shaming (the "quiet table" at lunch), collective punishment (color cards at lunch), the surveillance cameras, police in the schools, "Classroom Management", the fluoride in the water fountains, raising your hand to go to the bathroom, raising your hand to get a spoon, the almighty Dolphin Dollar, the United Nations flag in the school, sex education, religion and value-free education, death education, the D.A.R.E Program (I turned in my parents and all I got was this lousy t-shirt), the Pavlovian bells, forced vaccinations, tee vees in the classrooms, schools they won't even send their own kids to, the garbage they are serving the kids in the lunchroom, the pledge of allegiance, communal property/communism, military recruiters in the high schools, whole language, outcome-based education, and all the other egregious, counter-productive and/or dehumanizing practices the government school system is engaged in.

Why? Because that's what "The Experts" in Washington DC and the Teacher's Colleges recommend!



Most government school teachers, administrators, and school psychologists don't have a clue as to how and why the Prussian educational model was imported to the United States. I would wager that the majority couldn't even identify Kindergarten as a Prussian word (A garden to grow children)

Most government school teachers, administrators, and school psychologists don't have a clue as to who set up the General Education Board and the teacher's colleges that became the basis for the system they serve today.

Because the administrators, teachers, and school psychologists don't understand how and why the system they serve was constructed, Aristotle would argue they don't really know much at all!

Aristotle's "four causes" stand at the heart of Western rationality and Western science. In order to know a thing, anything at all, Aristotle says that one must be able to understand four causes.

  1. Material cause: “that from which, present in it, a thing comes to be … e.g., the bronze and silver, and their genera, are causes of the statue and the bowl.”
  2. Formal cause: “the form, i.e., the pattern … the form is the account of the essence … and the parts of the account.”
  3. Efficient cause: “the source of the primary principle of change or stability,” e.g., the man who gives advice, the father (of the child). “The producer is a cause of the product, and the initiator of the change is a cause of what is changed.”
  4. Final cause: “something’s end (telos)—i.e., what it is for—is its cause, as health is of walking.”

The most important of these to him was the Efficient Cause. For Aristotle, in order to be said to know/understand some “thing” I.E. Government Schools, or The American Psychological Association, or the American Medical Association, etc. one must be able to know the cause of it.

For knowing about something consists of giving an explanation for why that thing is as it is and in order to give such an explanation, one must know the cause of the thing.

So while most school teachers, administrators, and school psychologists think believe they understand the government school system or the American Psychological Association because, after all, they work in the government school system and are a member of the American Psychological Association the reality is they know nothing at all (zero, (0), zilch, nada, nothing) about how these systems came into being, who funded their development and why.

So their understanding of the very systems they serve is actually quite fragile…

Perhaps they should look into who rocked their intellectual cradle…

Meet Daddy:

For the rest of the story there are a number of new scholarly, well-referenced books in the Ashburn Elementary School Library.

If they haven't already been burned...

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