Thursday, December 30, 2010

Black Friday Demonstrates the Product of Government Schooling

As you watch these scenes of horror from Black Friday realize you are watching the fluoridated, vaccinated, government-schooled masses. As the Central Banksters and their government puppets rape and plunder the country for trillions these are people they don't have to worry about. Ignorant, obese, immoral, dumbed-down tax-slaves that have been poisoned by Fluoride in the water, mercury and aluminum in vaccines, BPA in food plastics and cans, MSG/glutamates in processed foods, and aspartame in everything. They get their reality from the tell-a-vision and glossy magazines and have been taught obedience to the government by government teachers teaching out of government textbooks in government classrooms. As the purchasing power of their dollar evaporates they won't even understand how they have been ripped off... They will riot in the streets begging for help from the same government that dumbed them down and stole their birthright, freedom, and wealth by design.

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