Friday, March 6, 2009

UPDATED - Baxter International Caught in Apparent Attempted World Wide Release of Weaponized Avian Flu

Baxter International has been caught in what appears to be an attempted world-wide release of a weaponized version of the H591 Avian Flu virus. The pharmaceutical company was caught shipping flu vaccines to at least 18 countries that contained live avian flu virus that had been mixed in with seasonal H3N2 flu viruses. The combination produces a super-strain of the virus that makes the normally hard-to-spread avian flu virus "super-airborne and easily spread". It has been called "virtually impossible" by experts for this contamination to have occurred as an innocuous mistake in a BSL3 (Bio Safety Level 3) facility with its stringent safety and production requirements.

There were a number of other factors that point to this episode being more than a simple manufacturing oversight including:

1. The vaccines weren't irradiated as is usual and customary in the production process to kill any viruses.

2. The company stood to profit from a world wide pandemic as it also manufactures an avian flu vaccine and has contracts with many different governments to provide mass inoculations in just such a crisis.

3. Baxter Officials have a history of knowingly shipping deadly pharmaceutical products. I have cautioned my own friends and family for years against taking anything by Baxter International/Bayer (as well as Merck and Wyeth who have each had similar scandals) after the company was caught selling blood products they knew to be contaminated with HIV!!

Alex Jones Interviews Vaccination Expert Dr. Rebecca Carley on the Baxter Scandal

News Footage from the Bayer/Baxter International Factor VIII Blood Scandal. While Bayer is the only firm mentioned in this newscast, Baxter was equally to blame and ended up paying out, with three other firms, over $660 Million Dollars to settle a class action suit brought by over 6,000 hemophiliacs.


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