Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Pledge of Allegiance to Citigroup, J&J, General Electric, and Ritalin

Until 1942 American school kids used the same Roman salute as the Nazis and Italian socialists/fascists. After the crimes of these regimes became apparent the US government changed up the look of the pledge but the practice of having children pledge their allegiance to the government in government schools led by government teachers continues to this day. The Prussian Model of education that was adopted by the US Government was openly developed by the Prussian government to instill obedience to the state to ensure support for the government taxation schemes and to get the population to easily conscript into the military and obey the orders of commanders.

This video from the sketch comedy troupe Whitest Kids U Know destroys the legitimacy of a system where young, impressionable children are forced by teachers and peer pressure to grow up swearing allegiance to a government that is openly controlled by corporate special interests that receive hundreds of billions from the government and then spend hundreds of millions supporting the candidacies of the politicians voting them money. The video also openly mocks the pharmaceutical company programs that drug MILLIONS of children every year in the schools.

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