Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Public Schools" vs. "Government Schools" and more John Taylor Gatto

One of the terms that is used often by supporters of compulsory government indoctrination is the phrase "Public Schools". I believe this to be one of the most disingenuous and misleading labels ever applied. One of the primary tenants of ownership is that you get to do with your property whatever you choose. I own the computer that I am typing on. If I want to I can take it out in my front yard and crush it with a sledgehammer.

Who owns and controls the "public" school system? Obviously it is not "The Public" They are forced to pay for the schools even if they have no children attending the school but they have no control over the schools.

I am the public... I am a parent of a child in the school... but I have absolutely no control over the school.

I can't stop the school from giving the kids water with Fluoride which reduces IQ.

I can't stop the school from using the dehumanizing practices of Red/Yellow/Green or making kids raise their hands to get a spoon.

I can't stop the school from publicly shaming kids by making them sit at a separate table during lunch.

I can't stop the school from offering my kids foods that contains Genetically Modified Organisms or High Fructose Corn Syrup or refined sugar or Aspartame.

I can't stop the school from holding a mock election where no third party candidates are on the ballot.

I can't get rid of the surveillance cameras conditioning the kids to the surveillance society.

I can't get rid of the police officer in the school handing out little badges and conditioning the kids to accept government authority.

Even if 75% of the parents at Ashburn Elementary decided to quit drinking their Fluoridated water, turn off their teevee sets, and get active to make changes at Ashburn Elementary the school doesn't have to change anything. Why? Because the government controls the schools and not the public. So let's quit calling these indoctrination centers "Public Schools" and start calling them "Government Schools" because that is the reality of the situation.

Here is another clip of John Taylor Gatto discussing the history of "Government Schools" on the Alex Jones show. Here is a link to his well researched and well-referenced book "The Underground History of American Education" which you can read for free to verify for yourselves what he discusses in the interview.

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